The soul of The Shelley and Harry Jewellery Collection rests in authenticity, breathtaking elegance and fashionable fun.

Shelley and Harry specialises in crafting beautiful bespoke pieces of jewellery made from the finest metals, including gold (white, yellow and rose), platinum and sometimes sterling silver, and using both diamonds and a wide range of gemstones.


Founded in 2009, Shelley and Harry is owned and run by Shelley Robertson. With diplomas in jewellery design, manufacture and silver-smithing from the Richmond College in London and the University of Technology in Cape Town, Shelley believes that jewellery makes a statement and should be worn, shown-off and enjoyed.

Although her talent lies in fashioning extraordinary, once-off commissions for clients, Shelley’s creativity stretches to transforming outdated pieces into timeless treasures. Her discerning customers appreciate exceptional, classic, hand-crafted jewellery that has been carefully designed for any special occasion.

If you are looking to have a gorgeous piece of jewellery hand-crafted especially for you or a loved-one then contact Shelley today.