Cushion cut engagement rings

One of my favourite cuts of a diamond is the cushion cut. It is such a beautiful shape for an engagement ring don’t you think?

Here are four rings which use the cushion cut differently:

Meg’s Ring – (on the right of the image) Here the cushion cut stone is set with four claws and diamonds on the band. It’s a classic ring and what a beautiful diamond!


Lauren’s Ring -(on the left of the image) This is a cushion cut stone with a halo of diamonds and a split diamond shank/band. What a special ring, the blue and pink sapphires on the band represent the bride-to-be’s late parents.


Angie’s Ring – This ring is a clever illusion and not technically cushion cut. It is a round stone set in four double claws to give the appearance of cushion shape, while the halo of diamonds in a cushion shape enhance this illusion.


This ring is completely different. Still an engagement ring, but the centre stone is a cushion cut sapphire, it is flanked by 2 round diamonds and set in yellow gold. This ring is very much designed around the centre stone which was chosen first and the design and size of the other stones developed from there. Created to have the look of an antique ring, the yellow gold is a great choice as it brings out the colour of the sapphire, however it would work equally well in white gold or platinum for someone who doesn’t wear yellow gold.

Cushion cut stones are all cut slightly differently, so it is important to take the time and do the research in order to find the right one. Some cushion cut stones are proportioned like a square while some are much more rectangular. Others have sharper corners and some are cut much deeper than others. It is important to know what you are looking at and be aware of the potential flaws which is why Shelley will be available to guide you through the selection and to point out the positive traits of a stone as well as any potential concerns.

Choosing the perfect diamond

How to choose the perfect diamond

So, you need a diamond… Maybe for an engagement ring, or perhaps another special piece of jewellery. Either way you want the perfect diamond and it is important to know what you are looking for and to have a jeweller that you can trust.

Details in the diamond
You may be familiar with the 4C’s, but here’s a recap of these four important ways a diamond is graded.

Never compromise on cut. The cut refers to both the shape of the diamond as well as how well the facets are cut and therefore how well the stone sparkles.


Graded using letters of the alphabet (from white to yellow stones), the colour of a perfect diamond is also very important. When looking for a diamond you need to get the balance right between overspending unnecessarily and choosing a stone that is bright and beautiful.

This refers to the imperfections/inclusions within natural diamonds. Your jeweller should point out any visible imperfections to you.

Size, size, size! However, bigger isn’t always better – when shopping for the perfect diamond it is vital to remember that it is a combination of all the above traits that determines the beauty and the value of the stone. If you are interested in buying a diamond, Shelley is available to show you a selection of stones within your specified budget and talk you through the 4C’s of each stone. The differences become clearer when you compare one stone alongside another.


And a few more c’s for you:

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: “I came in knowing nothing, scared I would pick the wrong stone; and I walked away with knowledge and the confidence I was dealing with an honest trustworthy professional in the industry. I would recommend Shelley and Harry to anyone!” – Lyle



Harry for men

Shelley and Harry specializes in crafting bespoke men’s jewellery. For the guys we are available to craft statement pieces that reflect your masculinity and strength while still heroing the metals and stones of your choice.

Whether you are looking for a men’s wedding band, cufflinks or a statement piece we are happy to custom make to your brief.


Classy cufflinks
Always a statement, cufflinks can be stylish and classic or really fun and quirky and are great way for a man to reflect his sense of style.


Wedding bands for men
One of our favourite pieces to work on are men’s wedding bands. We believe that wedding bands should be timeless, strong and durable, but as unique as each customer.


Choosing the right ring
The most common question I get asked with regards to men’s wedding bands is what metal should be chosen. This is an important question as it is a ring you will be wearing for a very long time.

Top tip: When selecting a metal it is always important to choose one that suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Below are some of your choices and a bit about them.

Silver is a great inexpensive white metal and many men chose this, however the downfall to this metal is its lack of strength for daily wear and tear and so it will tarnish over time.

Gold/white gold
Gold is very popular. You can choose 9ct,14ct or 18ct gold and white gold, yellow gold or rose gold (or of course a combination). A higher proportion of gold is used in 18ct and therefore it is more valuable/expensive. 18ct gold is technically harder than 9ct but the difference is so small that it won’t be noticed in your ring.

A good handmade gold ring should always be hard enough to withstand daily activities.

Top Tip: It is important to remember that white gold needs to be rhodium plated to maintain a bright white appearance (though I’m yet to find a man who does this!)

The king of metals, platinum is a very hard, heavy, white metal that is used almost in its pure form. Platinum is extremely long wearing and doesn’t need to be rhodium plated like white gold. It does however also come at a premium price so is not always suitable for everyone.

Stacking Rings

This is a trend that’s here to stay and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE stacking rings!

The trick for successful stacking is in the beauty of mismatching rings. Some big, some small, some with diamonds, some plain, different settings, different shape stones, different metals.


You can mix and match your personalized stack of gold and silver, diamond and gemstone stackable rings to personalize the selection and make the appearance truly unique to you.


Our top tips
Start with just one ring and then grow your collection until you have a unique mix to swop and change to suit your mood/outfit on any occasion.

Any eternity rings work for stacking and you can use rounds stones, square stones, baguettes or any other shape of your choice. You can even mix them up such as choosing to alternate baguette stones with round ones.


The setting of the eternity rings play a big part here. My favourite eternity setting is the created claw, but you can use claw settings, pave setting (with or without mill grain detail), channel setting and Swiss setting.

For stacking rings you can also use rings without stones. Start with a simple plain band and add a twisted ring, a plated ring or a ring with any texture.

You can start out with just one ring and then add them onto your wish list for special occasions – remember to leave my details lying around in an obvious place, or for those who don’t notice hints just email them the link to this blog post *wink*

When I created my stacking ring collection I started out with a plain yellow gold band, then I added a rose gold band and finally an eternity ring with round stones. Next on my wish list is an eternity ring with baguettes!

Everybody is unique and does this look differently, which is exactly why I LOVE this style!


Introducing Harry

Shelley and Harry are a much loved and talked about team in Cape Town, unusual of course because of their human/dog business relationship.  So how did it come about that Shelley & Harry became business partners?

Well, Shelley was looking for someone to join her on the exciting venture of starting a fine jewellery business.  She needed someone loyal, someone energetic, someone who didn’t have too much to say, someone who was great at security and someone who was extraordinarily handsome.  There was only one chap who ticked all of these boxes, Harry.

8 years on they are still an unstoppable team.  Their family has since grown to include Dean, Coco and Annabel, but the lions share of the jewellery work is still up to founders Shelley & Harry.

And handsome he is,  what do you think?

Shelley-and-Harry-meet-harry Shelley-and-Harry-meet--Harry