Introducing Harry

Shelley and Harry are a much loved and talked about team in Cape Town, unusual of course because of their human/dog business relationship.  So how did it come about that Shelley & Harry became business partners?

Well, Shelley was looking for someone to join her on the exciting venture of starting a fine jewellery business.  She needed someone loyal, someone energetic, someone who didn’t have too much to say, someone who was great at security and someone who was extraordinarily handsome.  There was only one chap who ticked all of these boxes, Harry.

8 years on they are still an unstoppable team.  Their family has since grown to include Dean, Coco and Annabel, but the lions share of the jewellery work is still up to founders Shelley & Harry.

And handsome he is,  what do you think?

Shelley-and-Harry-meet-harry Shelley-and-Harry-meet--Harry