Stacking Rings

This is a trend that’s here to stay and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE stacking rings!

The trick for successful stacking is in the beauty of mismatching rings. Some big, some small, some with diamonds, some plain, different settings, different shape stones, different metals.


You can mix and match your personalized stack of gold and silver, diamond and gemstone stackable rings to personalize the selection and make the appearance truly unique to you.


Our top tips
Start with just one ring and then grow your collection until you have a unique mix to swop and change to suit your mood/outfit on any occasion.

Any eternity rings work for stacking and you can use rounds stones, square stones, baguettes or any other shape of your choice. You can even mix them up such as choosing to alternate baguette stones with round ones.


The setting of the eternity rings play a big part here. My favourite eternity setting is the created claw, but you can use claw settings, pave setting (with or without mill grain detail), channel setting and Swiss setting.

For stacking rings you can also use rings without stones. Start with a simple plain band and add a twisted ring, a plated ring or a ring with any texture.

You can start out with just one ring and then add them onto your wish list for special occasions – remember to leave my details lying around in an obvious place, or for those who don’t notice hints just email them the link to this blog post *wink*

When I created my stacking ring collection I started out with a plain yellow gold band, then I added a rose gold band and finally an eternity ring with round stones. Next on my wish list is an eternity ring with baguettes!

Everybody is unique and does this look differently, which is exactly why I LOVE this style!